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My attempt at organizing the knowledge about anything that involves internet security. It might come handy to those looking for extra help. Self-taught and ready to rumble!
Few years ago I had no idea about the subject of Internet Security. I still am a Fitness Instructor working somewhere in the UK and the first time I have heard about hacking was from YouTube or Hollywood movies. In the past I used to tinker with simple devices, installed and customized a new OS for my Android phone, but that was it.
Two years ago, out of curiosity I switched to using Linux and have not looked back ever since. There were challenges along the way but I enjoyed solving them.
"...even though you may not know all of what you need to solve a problem, if you tackle just a piece of it and learn from that, you'll learn enough to solve the next piece — and so on, until you're done."
Turned out, if you ask the right questions, willing to understand how things work and have obsessive nature about the details, you will be able to make sense of this subject and go quite far.
This space is my way of organizing the knowledge I got, so I don't have to roam around the Internet looking for those handy ideas.
If you would like to talk to me about job opportunities please be aware that I do not have an IT degree nor commercial experience in this field (yet) but I am pretty good at understanding what I feel passionate about and always strive to better myself through practice and research.
I am open to new opportunities and I can be reached at [email protected]

Qualifications, achievements, accomplishments:


HackTheBox VIP Membership

One root access at a time

RastaLabs - Active Directory

Geek Street - London Infosecurity Olympia 2019 - SANS Challenge (reverse engineering , boot to root, extracting forensic evidence).

5th place at the end of the day. There were 20 of us that day.